Rotary Interview #1

Hello again! So yesterday was my rotary interview. I think it went very well. The interview lasted about an hour and a half. They asked me questions about my life, like the activities I participate in at school, and if I have done any public speaking. 3 people from my club came to interview me. One thing I can say about rotary is they are definitely very accommodating. I got very quick responses and even the more important members of the club like the president answered in a day or two. So far I have talked to many past and present rotary exchange students and they have all always answered all of my questions and were very helpful. If this is something you are looking into, don’t be afraid to research and ask lots of questions. I know I did. My district interview is on January 9th. The district interviews usually consist of 3 separate interviews with 3 panels for about 20 minutes each, and then you rotate to a new panel while your parents come after you and interview with your previous panel. You will be scheduled for a random time to interview during the 3-4 hour period and while you are waiting, you talk to past exchange students and current exchange students. I will fill you in again after my district interviews. Adiós ✌️



Hola. Hello. My name is Kaylee, I am in 10th grade, and I am going to be an exchange student. I am trying to go through Rotary Youth Exchange program to a country in South America. In fact, I even have an interview with my parents and my local rotary club today. My blog is called The Joi of Exchange because my middle name is Joi (sounds like joy). It’s about the feeling of joy on my exchange and my (Joi) personal experience. Well, I guess I will check back in after my interview.