Hey guys! I am going to Rotary District 4340 in Chile!! I am super excited! I now have a whole new batch for paper work to fill out. We have to buy insurance  (through a certain agency. It is very easy and there is a direct link to fill it out on the web).  This cost is deducted from the total $5000. Also we have to get my visa. They said the company will email me and we will talk more about it at our orientation. Speaking of orientation, mine is in march. I heard that 6 exchange students are being sent from our district. Can’t wait for more news!

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Hey guys! I might be going to Chile! Right now my district is putting out offers to the other countries. I told them that the #1 country I want to go to is Peru and the #2 country I want to go to is Chile. Then I told them if I cannot go to either of those countries then just send me to a Spanish-speaking country. Last night when I was handing in my paper work I was told that they put an offer in for me in a district a little bit away from Santiago, Chile! I cannot wait to find out the concrete answer to where I am going though. I also found out that my first outbound orientation is in the 1st week of March! I am super excited! Anyway, I have Finals come up and I have to go study sacar una buena nota (to get a good grade).

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Rotary Interview #2

Hola. So today I had my district interview with rotary. I think it went really well. After stopping at Starbucks  for coffee, we checked in and my parents and I put on name tags. The interviews were being held at a local church, so all of the applicants were herded into one of the main chapel rooms to wait. While we were waiting to be interviewed, the past and present rotary exchange students told us about their experiences and answered any questions that we had. The applying students were pulled out of the chapel, one by one, for an interview with 3 members of the rotary district. The questions were very similar to the questions asked by our host club. Some of the questions they asked were:
– Why do you want to go?
-Will you be home sick while you are gone, and how will you handle it?
– Are you comfortable with public speaking?
-What are the branches of the US government?
-What current events or policy do you know about?
-What are your hobbies or activities you’re involved in?
– Do you speak any foreign languages and where are you interested in going?

After about 45min to 1 hour I went out and grabbed my parents and we spoke with the interviewer’s for about 15 more minutes. When we were done with that portion we went back to the chapel and listened to more stories about past and present exchange students lives. About 15 minutes later we were called out for another interview. This interview was the final interview. In this interview we discuss the cost of the trip. We also discussed what country wanted to go to and I turned in the paperwork I filled out. Now all that’s left to turn in is my medical and dental forms and a copy of my passport. Obviously over time there will be more paperwork for me to do, but for now I am good to go. I’m very very excited in a month or so I will find out what country I’m going to. I have already talked to my Rotary Youth Exchange officer and he said I am definitely going. In August I will be leaving for a year. Although I’m very excited I think the fact that I’m actually leaving is starting to set in. I will miss my family immensely but I am glad for the opportunity to represent my club and district in another country.
Adiós ✌