Orientation #1


So I’m putting this up a little late but on March 12 I have my first rotary orientation. We were supposed to be there at 9 o’clock of course I don’t like being late, so I was there at 8:40. We met at a community college in our district. When I got there there was a bunch of tables facing the front with the projector screen on and in the back were all sorts of snacks and drinks. So about 9 o’clock or little bit before that the Rotary District’s Exchange chair went up and started off the presentation. We covered a lot of stuff about the exchange. We talked about the insurance and about getting her visas. We also talked about what to do if you were in a situation that was bad or if someone is harming you. Then we talked about the 4 D’s, which are no drinking, no driving, no drugs, no dating. After that we took a short break and got to socialize with the other exchange students, the different people involved in rotary within the district, and returning exchange students. Then we all got back together and we did some role-playing. All the students were to go to a different set of parents then their own and the parents were supposed to be host parents, and they asked us questions about American government. we even stayed with them and brainstorm different gifts we could give our host family’s. Afterwords, some past exchange students came up and told us different things about their exchange. They told us how much electronics they brought and their favorite thing about the exchange. They also told us they least favorite thing about the exchange and how they handled spending money. We then chatted for about another 10 minutes by yourselves then the students going on exchange for the summer left and the long term exchange students were served lunch. We had sandwiches and fruit and cookies and different drinks for lunch (it was about 45 minutes) and then we split up again. This time the parents went back to the main conference room and all the students in the past rotary students stayed in the lunch area. There the parents got to talk to some parents who hosted and who had their child on exchange, while we talk to the exchange students about their life while on exchange and any questions we have. When we all go back together we got a packet that gave us the first night of questions with her host family in the language that we are going to be speaking. Then we got a packet that explained our rotary research assignment (a large assignment where we research our country in a specific way). After that we left. I found the orientation fun, informative, and well organized. And my next orientation is in May! 

Adiós ✌️