Just an Update


Just a little update here. I know it has been awhile but tomorrow is my last day of school!!!! I am going to miss my high school and all my friends, but that just means I’m getting close to my leave date!!

I am currently in the process of doing a mountain of paperwork to get my visa. I have turned in all my documents, but I am still waiting to get my FBI background check back. I also still have to fill out my visa application. I am getting really close though, and in about a month or so (depending on how long it takes me to get my FBI background check back) I will go visit the Chilean Consulate in San Francisco!!

Talking to my host family has been really great, and I have been getting to know my host sister, Florencia, although the chances of actually meeting her are slim, because she is going on an exchange in Germany!

My next, and final, outbound orientation is on July 21st! I’m very excited to get my blazer and sad to say goodbye to the inbounds. My summer will be semi-busy due to trips to Eastern washington, traveling to California to get my visa, and hopefully a visit to my sister. I cannot wait till summer starts!!!!

Although my Rotary Blazer will be a bit to small (I’ve been working out 💪), and my heart will be weighed down with the heaviness of leaving my family for 10 months, I am very excited to be arriving in Santiago, Chile on August 20th!!!!

Adiós ✌