Visiting San Francisco 

Hey guys 👋 Last Friday I flew down to San Francisco to turn in my paperwork and get my visa. I flew by myself and it was great! We had to wait several hours to get it, but now I’m good to go. Kinda. I still have to send in some paperwork before I leave and also do some paperwork upon my arrival in Chile. After spending most of our day at the Chilean consulate, we went out to lunch, and then rode a subway back to the airport. All in all my day was pretty busy, but I got my Visa so that’s good. My next few weeks before I leave are booked solid but I can’t wait to leave for chile in about a month!
Adiós ✌️


It’s getting closer!


Hey Guys 👋. Summer is here and I have 1 month and 17 days until I leave for Chile!!! I am so excited to go travel to a new place and experience a new culture. Plus, I have been working on not forgetting any Spanish I have learned so far 😅. 

An update on my progress with rotary: I have come to a moment of peace! Currently I am camping with my family and our family friends on the beautiful Orcas Island in Puget Sound. When I get back from camping I will meet up with a rotary member because they have some different blazers for me to try on (or at least see if the blazer we ordered for me fits). After that we have a scheduled meeting to go to the Chilean consulate in San Francisco on July 15th. I have turned in all of my paperwork to the visa and I will need to bring the original documents with me to California. The trip to the consulate is pretty crazy actually because I fly to California in the morning by myself (well, with other exchange students) and visit the consulate, and then leave in the same evening!!! I am also waiting to get either my FBI background check or my State background Chace back (there was a hold up at the FBI office and we were worried we wouldn’t get it back in time, so we also payed for a state background check). If neither of those come back by the 13th we will get a background check online done by the state patrol, and pray that they will let us use it! After that we (me and my parents) will be attending a meeting with the Mill Creek Rotary Club because they have generously sponsored me and another student to go on exchange! Finally, I will also be attending my 3rd outbound orientation on the 21st to say goodbye to the inbounds and be sent off with the outbounds! I am very excited for this orientation because we get our blazers, pins, and business cards (I believe. I’m not completely sure.) 

My español is coming along slowly but my excitement is growing by the day! Watch out South America, here I come!!!

Adiós ✌