Week 2


Hey guys 👋. Tomorrow marks the 2nd week that I have been in chile! Ahhhh! That’s crazy!!!! I’ve been going to school since the 3rd day of my arrival and it’s going great. I’m going to a smaller school in the city of Talca, called Colegio San Jorge. My high school building has 4 classes! 4! For 11th and 12th grade. And 2 are scientific and 2 are humanisty! Crazy right? My class specifically  (3rd medio Humanistic) has 17 kids in it! That’s tiny compared to the average class size at Snohomish of about 27 students. And another thing: we stay in the same room all day. No moving around for every class anymore. On Mondays and Fridays school goes from 8am-1pm. On Tuesdays Wednesdays and Fridays class goes from 8am-1pm then lunch for 1.5 hours then 2:30pm-5:40pm. The school day is a lot longer in chile!

In humanistic I take classes that relate to the humanities with little math and science classes. The classes I will be taking until December  (that’s when our summer break starts) include: English, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, Math, History, Philosophy, Art, PE, Journalistic Investigation and Religion. So far I understand not very much but I am trying and I even got a 58% on my math test (imagine trying to learn math, which is confusing enough,  in another language!) 

I have experienced many new things in Chile. Today I went to the Chilean Independence Day Festival. They had all sorts of crafts and Foods it was so cool! Ponchos and blankets. Handmade jewelry and toys. I even saw a handmade rocking horse. Most of the food looks phenomenal I even got to try some . I’ve had churros before but I’ve never had Chilean churros before, and let me tell you: they’re different then the ones at costco, and almost better than the ones I had in Mexico. First of all they cook the churros in these ginormous rings and then they cut off pieces about 8 inches long each. Then they sprinkle them in powdered sugar and hand you a bag full of them this is for 2 mil pesos which is about 3 US dollars (usd). This is literally the greatest deal I have ever seen!!! 

The Chilean life is treating me well. Thanks for cheating up on my adventure.

Adiós ✌


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