So I haven’t written since december and the whole summer has passed by. Whoops.

I have done so much this summer. I got to experience chilean Christmas, and I changed host families. In fact, I only have about 3 weeks left with my current host family before I change again. I hung out in my city, Talca, in January; going to the movies, hanging out with friends and my host family. So far in February I have gone on vacation to Pucón, Chile with my host family (a lovely town by a lake in the south of Chile), where I got to visit many street stands selling chilean sweaters and bracelets. After Pucón, I headed to La Serena, Chile (a large ocean-side city in northern Chile), where I am currently on vacation and relaxing on the sandy beach when i’m not out exploring the area. In about 8 more days I will travel back to Talca and start school again (same class and school as before).

I miss home but I am loving my experiences in Chile. I will be returning to the USA in June. Ahhhhh! That is too soon 😥😅

Also, in Chile we mostly say Chao, not adios therefore

Chao ✌️


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